Deputy Commissioner

Lt. Colonel Russell PowellLt. Colonel Russell Powell, Deputy Commissioner, oversees the daily operations of several divisions, including GSP Field Operations (Troops A - I, SCRT, SWAT, GSP Dive Team, Nighthawks DUI Task Force, Criminal Interdiction, Honor Guard, and Implied Consent), Motor Carrier Compliance Division, Capitol Police, Headquarters, Human Resources, Recruiting, Off Duty Employment, Public Information Office, Training, Records Management and HQ Security, Governor's Task Force, Regional K-9 Task Force, K-9 Training and Certification, FBI Liaison, GOHS Liaison, GISAC Officer, and D.T.F. Detachments.

Biography: Lt. Colonel Russell Powell

Georgia State Patrol

Motor Carrier Compliance

Capitol Police


Human Resources

Public Information Office


Governor's Task Force

Honor Guard