Georgia State Patrol - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding employment as a Trooper with the Georgia State Patrol.

FAQ's regarding the employment process:

Do I have to be a Georgia resident to apply?


Do I need to submit a resume?

A resume is not required but if you wish you may attach it to your application.

Is there an age limit to apply?

No. However, applicants must be 21 years of age upon graduation.

Are there height and weight restrictions?

No, however applicants are required to pass physical tests that generally require proportionate height and weight.

What do I bring to testing?

1. A completed State of Georgia application for employment (list job code 17706)

Will I be disqualified during the hiring process for certain things?

You may apply and go through the process but each individual applicant will be screened and there is no way to tell until a thorough background check is completed. Remember credit, character, past employment, driving history, and prior drug use are many things that we consider during the hiring process (click here to view the employment disqualifiers) .

If you have concerns about any of these you should clear them up before applying.


How long is the hiring process?

It usually takes 4-6 months (but may vary) to go through the hiring process including background and interviews.

How many trips will I have to make to Georgia if I live out of state?

We try to minimize the number of trips and incorporate them if we can.

What if I am active in the military and want to apply to become a Trooper?

The application process is lengthy. It is difficult to determine when you should apply. You may want to take the GA Work Ready Assessment so when a Trooper school is scheduled you can start the process.

Is there any incentive pay offered for prior law enforcement experience or prior military?

Not at the present time.

Does the state pay for my relocation expenses?


FAQ's regarding Trooper School:

If I am already certified as a peace officer do I have to go through the entire Trooper school?

Yes, it is 33 weeks long.  However, certified peace officers generally go to Field Training earlier than non-certified cadets.

Do I have to live on site during training?

Yes, you cannot leave for the first month. After the first month you can go home on Friday and return on Sunday evening. (This is for the four months of training at the training center) then you go to Field Training at three various posts throughout the state. Typically one month at each of the three posts.

How often is trooper school held?

The frequency of trooper school varies depending upon state funding. Over the past few years, we have conducted one or two schools per year.

What are the most difficult things about Trooper school?

There are many, including being away from home, physical training, long hours, mentally challenging, drivers training, firearms, crash investigation and being confined to the training center under constant supervision.

Where is Trooper school held?

At the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth Georgia, located about 1 hour south of Atlanta off of I-75.

Do I get paid while going to Trooper school?

Yes, you also get the complete benefit package once you are hired.

Can I receive mail at the training center?

Yes, an address will be provided as well as the training center phone number for emergency contact.

What items do I bring to the academy?

After you are hired and go through orientation you will be given specific instructions on what to bring.


General Questions regarding employment as a Trooper:

Will I work alone or with a partner?

Most troopers work in a car alone, however various circumstances and special events may require or allow troopers to work in pairs.

Will I get a raise every year?

There are no step raises or annual increases for experience, however all state employees often receive performance increases as determined by the Legislature. 

What shifts will I be required to work?

As a trooper, you will be required to work rotating shifts which vary depending on the post you are assigned to. Generally, most posts provide 24-hour coverage.

Where will my first assignment be?

There are no guarantees as to the first assignment; however at the end of trooper school, you are usually given three choices. The command staff considers all requests and tries to accommodate them, but the needs of the department outweigh the desires of the individual.

Do you offer incentive pay for education?

There is legislation that provides for education incentive pay, however at present it is not funded.

Are my service weapons provided?

Yes. All equipment is provided by the department.

Do I receive an allowance for laundering my uniforms?


How soon can I compete for promotion?

Upon attaining the rank of Trooper First Class (approximately 18 months after graduation), and after completing one year of satisfactory service at that rank, you may be eligible to compete for promotion.

When I commence duty, can I start from home if I live in the post territory?


Can I earn overtime?

Not on a regular basis, however during some unusual occurrence incidents, heavy equipment escorts and Department of Transportation work zones, overtime can be worked.

Can I use my patrol car for personal use while off duty?


Are troopers issued Tasers?

Currently, there are several hundred troopers issued with Tasers.

Are laptop computers installed in all vehicles?

Yes, most cars are equipped with laptop computers.

Is there a DROP program in place?

Not at the present time.

What types of patrol cars are used?

At present we utilize the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and the Dodge Charger pursuit vehicle. We also have various other specialty vehicles ranging from pick-up trucks to SWAT tactical vehicles.

What ongoing training is provided once I become a Trooper?

20 hours of annual in-service training is required by POST. We usually exceed that requirement. There are also specialty courses available, for example, a trooper who desires to become more proficient in accident investigation may apply for a course in that field.

Do troopers pay into social security?


Can I be a member of the Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund?

Yes. You can contribute and receive all benefits offered by the POAB.

Is off duty employment authorized?

The department has an off duty employment policy. Certain employment that does not provide a conflict of interest (e.g. sporting events, traffic control) may be authorized.

What is the authorized trooper strength of the department?

We have authorization for 953 troopers.

What is the tattoo and facial hair policy?

You cannot have visible tattoos while in the short sleeve uniform. That includes the front and back of arms and includes the neck and facial area. No facial hair is permitted.

Do I get a take home patrol car?

Yes, upon graduation.

What is the starting salary for Trooper?

$32,418 annually is employed as a Cadet prior to the start of the Trooper Academy. The salary is $34,038 annually while in Trooper school and $35,741 annually upon graduation.  After 18 months and meeting expectations you will receive a promotion to Trooper First Class with a salary of $40,494 annually.


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