Capitol Police

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Capitol Police Services Unit

The Capitol Police Services Unit has the primary responsibility of protecting life and property; preventing and detecting criminal acts, and enforcing traffic regulations throughout Capitol Hill. This includes the apprehension of criminals, traffic enforcement and protection of public and building security in the Capitol Hill area.

Post 50 - Capitol Hill

The Georgia State Patrol troopers of Post 50 control the access into the State Capitol by checking all State employees, guests and other personnel for valid identification.  This includes screening all incoming packages, deliveries and mail.  They provide security for all elected officials, state employees and guests at the State Capitol.  The troopers of Post 50 also provide security for all the buildings on Capitol Hill by conducting patrols in and around these buildings. 

Capitol Square Security Unit

The Capitol Square Security Unit provides general security to Capitol Square; monitors entrances into these buildings by checking all State employees, guests and other personnel for valid identification; screens all incoming packages, deliveries and mail. This unit also provides general security to elected officials, government employees and visitors to the Capitol Hill area.


Capt. Lewis Young
130 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 656-4830