Chatham County Law Enforcement Preparing for Next GTACT Wave

June 13, 2008




(SAVANNAH) – Law enforcement officers from across Chatham County will descend on Interstate 95 next week for the second enforcement wave of Georgia’s TACT Project.  G-TACT, or Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks, is an education and enforcement campaign to raise awareness among drivers of the dangers associated with risky driving around semi-trucks.  The first wave of G-TACT on I-95 was conducted in February.

   Colonel Bill Hitchens, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, said today the next wave of enforcement in Chatham County will be conducted Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week on Interstate 95.  “The Georgia TACT project is not about writing tickets but educating the motoring public about the dangers they face when they cut off the big rigs or tailgate the trucks,” he said.

   Participating in the G-TACT project are officers with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, troopers from the Georgia State Patrol, deputies from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department, and officers from the police departments of Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police, Port Wentworth, Garden City, Bloomingdale, Pooler, and the Georgia Ports Authority.  In addition to targeting both cars and trucks that are following too closely, making improper lane changes, driving aggressively, or improper passing, officers will be conducting commercial motor vehicle safety inspections during the three-day enforcement effort.

   “The challenge for law enforcement officers is to intercept drivers operating vehicles in a reckless manner or driving an unsafe vehicle before they cause a serious traffic crash,” Colonel Hitchens said.  During the first round of enforcement, officers, troopers, and deputies issued 713 traffic citations and 806 warnings.  There were also 339 safety inspections conducted by enforcement officers on commercial motor vehicles.

   The Georgia TACT Project is funded with a grant from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  More information on the Georgia TACT Project is available at


Contact Information: 
DPS Public Information Office, (404) 624-7597