Georgia State Patrol Urges Motorists and Motorcyclists to Safely Share the Road

May 17, 2013

(Atlanta) -Warmer weather means an increase in the number of motor vehicles traveling on Georgia’s roads, especially motorcycles.  The Georgia State Patrol reminds drivers and motorcycle operators to be alert for one another and courteous to help prevent motorcycle crashes on the state’s roadways.

“Safety is the mutual responsibility of all drivers on the road,” said Colonel Mark McDonough, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety.  “Out of all motor vehicles, motorcycles are most vulnerable to fatal crashes.  Motorists must remember to never drive distracted, obey the posted speed limit, and be aware of their surroundings.  Often time drivers may have trouble seeing motorcycles, because of their small size.” Always check blind spots, use mirrors and signal before changing lanes or making turns.  Also, allow more following distance when behind a motorcycle, and operate your vehicle at a safe speed that would allow you and the motorcyclist sufficient time to maneuver around obstacles in the roadway, or stop in an emer­gency.

“Motorcyclists have responsibilities too. Riders should obey all traffic laws, be properly licensed, never drive impaired, and wear a Department of Transportation compliant helmet and protective gear,” Colonel McDonough added. Motorcyclists should ride with caution and drive defensively.  They should never ride in between lanes in traffic or share a lane with another vehicle.  “Avoid hanging out in the blind spot of trucks and cars.   If a motorist driving a passenger vehicle doesn’t see you, don’t be afraid to use your horn,” he noted.

The message from the Georgia State Patrol is clear: all drivers should be courteous to others and do their part by safely sharing the road.  Increasing safe driving practices amongst all road users will greatly reduce the number of fatalities and injuries on Georgia’s roadways.

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