G-TACT Safety Campaign Underway in Bartow and Gordon Counties

October 8, 2013

ATLANTA—The Georgia Department of Public Safety launched the latest enforcement and education wave of the Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks Program, or G-TACT, this morning in Bartow and Gordon counties. The G-TACT program is a traffic safety campaign designed to increase driver awareness of the dangers they face with risky driving behaviors around commercial motor vehicles. The program combines educational outreach with traffic enforcement to reduce the number of crashes between commercial vehicles and much-smaller passenger vehicles.

The enforcement corridor is along I-75 and Georgia 53 in the two counties. During a G-TACT wave, officers with the DPS Motor Carrier Compliance Division concentrate on traffic violations by drivers of both cars and trucks that can lead to a traffic crash. "Keep a greater distance behind tractor trailers, not only so the driver can see you, but so you can stop in time should the truck driver ahead be forced to take emergency evasive action," Major Gene Davis, Commanding Officer of MCCD said. “When you follow a tractor-trailer too closely, not only are you violating Georgia law, you are also significantly increasing your chance of being involved in a traffic crash that has great potential for personal injury.”

In addition to cautioning drivers to leave more space around trucks, MCCD officers will be watching for drivers of both cars and trucks that are tailgating, changing lanes too quickly, crossing the gore or median, driving recklessly, speeding, driving in the emergency lane, failing to signal when changing lanes, operating a vehicle without an appropriate valid license, and trucks over six wheels traveling in the left lane.

Major Davis said billboards, public service announcements, and commercial radio spots will be part of the public outreach for the G-TACT campaign.  This is the first of six enforcement periods with concentrated patrols and public information outreach efforts being conducted periodically through mid-March.

Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks is a program administered by the Georgia Department of Public Safety in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Contact Information: 
DPS Public Information Office - (404) 624-7597