Motor Carrier Officers to a Conduct Statewide Traffic Enforcement Detail

November 25, 2013

ATLANTA— Officers with the Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety will conduct a three-day statewide traffic enforcement safety detail focusing on the unsafe operation of motorcoaches and buses.  The operation will begin on Monday, November 25 and end on Wednesday, November 27, and is a part of a nationwide motorcoach and bus safety event encouraged and endorsed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The goal for this detail is to emphasize both safety and security to provide a safer transportation experience for motorcoach and bus passengers, as well as enhance the safety of all motorists traveling our nation’s highways. “Officers will be conducting safety inspections and writing citations for violations.  Our officers will not hesitate to issue an out of service order on any commercial vehicle found to be unsafe,” Major Gene Davis, Commander of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division said. “These inspections are one component of an overall safety effort to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe transportation experience on the highways of Georgia. Motorcoach inspections are conducted throughout the year on a regular basis but this detail provides an opportunity for officers to identify safety hazards on a large scale due to the high volume of holiday traffic,” he added.

Motor Carrier Officers will also continue to patrol the interstates enforcing the High Occupancy Vehicle lane restrictions during the Thanksgiving holiday period.  Motorists are reminded that only buses, motorcycles, passenger vehicles occupied by two persons or more, or a vehicle bearing an alternative fueled vehicle license plate are permitted to travel in the HOV lanes.  The lane restrictions are in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact Information: 
DPS Public Information Office - (404) 624-7597