January 29, 2014

Status Update:

State agencies, including Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Department of Public Safety, Georgia Department of Transportation, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia National Guard and others, are working together to support counties and municipalities impacted by the storm.

The priorities are to clear the roads and provide life safety resources to motorists and to help reunite children with their parents.

State offices will be closed through Thursday.


What to do if stuck in your car during a storm:

 - Stay inside your vehicle, unless you can see a building right near you;

 - Make sure the exhaust pipe on your vehicle is free of obstructions (snow, ice, grass, etc.);

 - Run your engine intermittently and keep a window cracked to avoid excess carbon monoxide;

 - Keep your seatbelt on.  Even if you have pulled over and stopped your car, it is still possible to get hit by another vehicle;

 - Stay hydrated;

 - Try to do a little exercise, stretch your arms and legs and move around from time to time.  This will help you stay warm;

 - Keep your hazard light on so others, including rescuers, can see you.


For current road conditions, visit Georgia 511 at

For more storm information, visit Georgia Emergency Management at:

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