Six-State Enforcement Campaign Underway on I-75

March 28, 2014


(ATLANTA) – State troopers and Motor Carrier Compliance officers from Georgia are joining state law enforcement agencies from Florida to Michigan this weekend in high-visibility patrols along Interstate 75 in an effort to keep motorists safe as they travel.  The goal is to keep the roadways safe and fatality-free this weekend.  The increased patrols will continue through Sunday night and all six state highway patrols or state police agencies are participating.

Colonel Mark W. McDonough, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, said the effort in Georgia will not only include state troopers but commercial vehicle enforcement officers as well.  “"Partnering with other state law enforcement agencies along I-75 demonstrates a commitment to keeping everyone safe as they travel," he said.  "Every life is important to us, whether the person is traveling through our state or just making a short trip from one exit to another."

During the three day period, law enforcement agencies in each state will conduct special details on I-75. Troopers and MCCD officers will be checking for impaired drivers, speeders, seat belt use, and commercial vehicle safety.  While these focus areas are something the Patrol does every day, it is the first time that the six states have teamed up to ensure multi-state travelers will see consistent enforcement throughout their trip on the interstate.

I-75 runs through six states and covers 1,786 miles from Florida to Michigan, including 354 miles (20%) in Georgia. 

If you will be traveling this weekend:

-           Eliminate driver distractions and remember anything that can take your eyes off the road, even for a second, can lead to a crash;

-           Obey the speed limits;

-           Buckle Up!  Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to reduce fatalities in motor vehicle crashes;

-           Drive sober and alert: designate a sober driver if alcohol consumption will be in your plans.

The “Staying Alive on I-75” campaign is part of the nationwide initiative to reduce traffic deaths this year by 15 percent.  The project is coordinated by the Florida Highway Patrol.  Similar enforcement efforts are planned for June 27 – 29, September 26 – 28, and December 26 – 28.

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