MCCD Awards Top Performers

April 30, 2015

The Motor Carrier Compliance Division held its First Annual Top Performers Awards Ceremony last Thursday at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth. Top performers in each region throughout the state were recognized for their outstanding efforts to reduce fatalities involving commercial motor vehicles. Categories in which these officers excelled overall were impaired driving, speed enforcement, occupant protection, overweight assessments, and commercial vehicle inspections. After the awards ceremony, the MCCD Command Staff prepared lunch for the award recipients. MCCD officers and civilian weight inspectors who received awards were:

Region 1: Sgt. Matthew Wilson/ Weight Inspector Terry Lester

Region 2: MCO3 Nicholas Clark/ Senior Weight Inspector Dennis Pauley

Region 3: Rodney Waller (HOT Lane)/ MCO3 Thomas Bolmon (HOV Lane)

Region 3 - Field Operations: MCO2 Joseph Teet/ Weight Inspector James Barbe

Region 4: MCO3 Tommy Greene/ Weight Inspector Ellen Thomas

Region 5: MCO3 William Knight/ Weight Inspector Steve Chambers

Region 6: MCO3 Karen Quinn/ Weight Inspector Diane Barton

Region 7: MCO3 Van Redcross/ Weight Inspector Mannie Smith

Region 8: MCO3 Calvin Downing/ Weight Inspector Brenda Van Dyke

Region 9: MCO2 Justin Conway/ Weight Inspector Linda Amazon

Region 10 - Compliance Review: MCO3 Pollyanna Ransom

Region 10 - Safety Audit: MCO3 Melissa Stephens

Region 10 - School Bus Safety: MCO3 Kerry Mote

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