About the Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division provides a full array of human resources services including recruitment, job development, compensation analysis, policy consultation, personnel transactions/benefits processing, management and employee relations and career development for the 1400+ employees of the Department of Public Safety. In addition, 225+ positions/employees for six attached agencies are administratively attached to DPS for benefits and transactions services.

This office provides overall direction, leadership, and management of the agency’s human resources needs to include the areas of human relations services, diversity management, policy analysis and development; personnel administration, and position/budget administration. This office provides consultation to the leadership and management to ensure compliance with state personnel board rules, and federal and state laws.  

Employment & Career Development: Human Resources provides assistance  to managers in recruiting top-notch candidates by conducting targeted recruitments, assessing and evaluating job applicants, and participating in panel selections designed to attract and retain a quality workforce. Human Resources compiles applicant data and works closely with the Special Investigations Division to process applicants through background investigations and the hiring process.  In an effort to continuously provide opportunities for growth and advancement for sworn personnel, testing and assessment centers are coordinated through Human Resources in partnership with the University of Georgia.

Employee Relations: Human Resources is responsible for improving the effectiveness of the Georgia Department of Public Safety by developing and supporting efforts to improve the employee-management relations climate within the department.  This is done by providing programs such as the EAP and the Peer Support Team which address a need which exists in the workforce, and by consulting with individual employees and managers to address specific issues.  Internally, issues are informally raised by either constituency and are most often formally initiated in disciplinary actions, complaints, grievances, the request for review of a performance evaluation and charges of discrimination.  Externally, the unit responds to actions filed with The Georgia Committee on Equal Opportunity, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the State Personnel Board and through State and Federal Courts.  Formal investigations are often undertaken in order to address both internal and external complaints.

Employee Benefits & Transaction Services: Throughout the year Human Resources responds to numerous requests for information related to benefits and assists employees in resolving benefit problems.  They provide support for the actions that are administered throughout the agency, including employee transfers, promotions, new hires and terminations.  Employment records, which includes the personnel history file (201), confidential file (beneficiary, medical and health related information), Worker’s Compensation files, and separated employee files are maintained and stored in this section.  Human Resources is responsible for maintaining accurate leave balances for all employees and providing support and consultation to managers to ensure timely and accurate time-keeping records are kept according to state and federal laws.  

Training Services: Human Resources provides technical training in human resources related topics in support of the training division and the command staff of the agency.  Topic areas include Unlawful Harassment Prevention, Discipline, and Performance Management.