Troop and Post Locations

GSP-MCCD Troop-Region Map
GSP-MCCD Troop-Region Map

The Georgia State Patrol (GSP) is divided into 52 patrol posts within nine geographic troops (A-I). The GSP Command Staff is located at the Department of Public Safety Headquarters in Atlanta.

Troop A - Capt. Shawn Prather

Troop B - Capt. Chad Johnson

Troop C - Capt. Thomas Kustra

Troop D - Capt. Brandon Dawson

Troop E - Capt. Doug Wilson

Troop F - Capt. Christopher Rodewolt

Troop G - Capt. Tommy Peeples

Troop H - Capt. Walter Christian

Troop I - Capt. John K. Crews