ADA and Public Safety

The Georgia Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, provides comprehensive civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities in the areas of employment, public accommodations, state and local government services and telecommunications.

Title II of the ADA calls on state and local governments to ensure that qualified individuals with physical and mental disabilities are afforded equal opportunity to participate in those programs, services and activities offered by state and local governments.

Website Accessibility

DPS strives to eliminate barriers to content for visitors with disabilities by implementing requirements that allow for a more inclusive, accessible online experience for all individuals.

Examples of our efforts to improve accessibility include:

  • Easy and logical navigation
  • Access to information, which is presented clearly and consistently for individuals using screen readers
  • Legible fonts and high-contrast colors for easier readability 


DPS ADA Coordinator

Visit: (details)

959 United Avenue S.E. 
Atlanta, GA 30316
United States

DPS ADA Notice and Grievance Procedure

Download this doc file. DPS ADA Notice

Download this doc file. DPS ADA Grievance Procedure