Overweight Citations

Overweight Citations Unit
P.O. BOX 1456
Atlanta, Ga. 30371
Phone: 1-888-409-2001 Fax: 404-624-7296

Please visit https://owcu.gamccd.net/payment to make an online payment.

The Overweight Citations Unit is responsible for collecting and processing monetary fines imposed on trucks for being overweight when issued a citation on a Georgia highway by the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division.


  • Who is responsible for the citation?

    Georgia law (O.C.G.A. §32-6-27) states the vehicle’s legal owner, or the operator, is responsible.

  • Will this affect my driver's license or my carrier CSA score?

    No. In Georgia, an overweight citation is a civil assessment. There are no points imposed against a driver’s license. Even if listed as a violation on an inspection report, there is no impact to your CSA score.

  • When is the overweight assessment citation due?

    Full payment of the assessed fee is due within 30 days of the assessment date.

  • Can I pay my assessment online?

    Yes!  Please visit https://owcu.gamccd.net/Payment to complete your payment online.

  • Is there a fee to pay by credit card?

    No. DPS does not add convenience fees to credit card payments.

  • Can I get an extension on the due date?

    DPS does not extend due dates. However, you may inquire of a payment plan for fees meeting specific criteria. Speak with one of our customer service personnel for details.

  • What happens if a citation is not paid on time?

    DPS does not add late fees. However, Georgia may impose a lien upon the vehicle’s title, suspend the vehicle’s registration, or impound the vehicle until the debt is paid in full.

  • After I pay my citation, can I get a receipt?

    If paying by check, you must request a receipt. If paying by credit card, you will be asked if you want a receipt. We can fax or email phone payment receipts.

  • How do I dispute an overweight assessment?

    The vehicle’s owner or operator must submit a written request to DPS after paying the assessment fee in full. A hearing request must be postmarked on or before the assessment citation due date. Detailed Administrative Hearing instructions are located on the second page of the assessment citation.  

  • Who profits from overweight assessment fees?

    No one. All overweight assessment fees collected by DPS are remitted to the State of Georgia Treasury to assist with roadway repairs.