Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

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Employees have the option to enroll in Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage on themselves only through MetLife.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance With MetLife

The Flexible Benefits Program offers accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance to be paid to you or your beneficiary if your death or injury is the result of a covered accident. In case of permanent and total disability, you are eligible for AD&D benefits if your injury prevents you from working at any job for which you are qualified by education, training, or experience.

Available Coverage Amounts

  • one times your pay
  • two times your pay
  • three times your pay
  • four times your pay
  • five times your pay
  • six times your pay
  • seven times your pay
  • eight times your pay
  • nine times your pay
  • ten times your pay

The coverage maximum is $2,000,000. If you are age 75 or older, the value of your coverage is reduced.

Important Notes about AD&D Insurance

  • The AD&D insurance amounts you choose will be based on your Benefit Salary as of October 1 each year. This amount is rounded up to the next higher $1,000, after you multiply your coverage and the premium has been adjusted for your October 1 pay and age.
  • If your coverage selection requires medical underwriting, you will need to complete the MetLife Evidence of Insurability Form along with any other required information. An approval by MetLife, the insurance carrier, must be made before coverage can be in effect.
  • Be sure to designate your beneficiaries by accessing the GaBreeze web site.

Detailed plan information can be found in the Download this pdf file. Enrollment Booklet or on at the GaBreeze link on the Team Georgia website.   Pricing per plan and coverage tier varies and is accessible on the Download this pdf file. Flexible Benefit Rate Chart .

Enrollment is made by new hires within 31 days of hire date at GaBreeze Enrollment

Enrollment/Changes due to qualifying life events during Plan Year are made within 31 days of event at GaBreeze.

Current Employees not experiencing a qualifying life changing event must enroll online at GaBreeze during annual enrollment period only for benefits beginning the following Plan Year.

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