Annual Leave

Annual leave is available for planned vacations or for occasional time off to take care of personal business. You should request annual leave time as early as possible so that your supervisor can

coordinate your request with other absences as well as plan for the least disruption in work as possible. Be sure to follow agency procedures and policies for requesting and using annual leave.

You earn annual leave (AL) at the following rates:

Time Period Annual Leave Earned

For your first 5 years:

15 days per year/10 hours per month

During your next 5 years:

18 days per year/12 hours per month

After 10 years:

21 days per year/14 hours per month


You can save up to 45 days (360 hours) of annual leave.  Any amount above 45 days is forfeited.


Saving your annual leave benefits you in three ways:

  1. Whenever you leave state employment, you will be paid for any unused annual leave you have saved up to 360 hours. You are not paid for any AL you forfeited.
  2. Your department will keep track of any annual leave you forfeit. This forfeited leave could be restored to you in the case of an illness or disability that lasts beyond your saved sick and annual leave balances.
  3. If you are a member of the Employees Retirement System, forfeited annual leave can be used to extend your service time making it possible for you to retire earlier.

A special note: If you're on approved annual leave and become ill for three days or longer, you may request that the AL be changed to SL. But you must provide your department with satisfactory written evidence that you were ill. The request must be made within 2 weeks after returning to work.

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