Disability Insurance

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Employees have the option to enroll in Short and/or Long Term Disability coverage on themselves only through The Standard.

Short-Term Disability (STD) With The Standard

If you choose short-term disability (STD) coverage, this plan will work with other income benefits to replace 60% of your Benefit Salary (in effect during the Plan Year the disability began) up to $1,000 per week. If you receive other benefits, (such as Social Security, workers’ compensation, other disability plans and/or programs including the State retirement systems) that total 60% of your Benefit Salary, the short-term disability plan will not pay for this disability.

Available Options

  • Seven (7) Day Benefit Waiting Period
  • Thirty (30) Day Benefit Waiting Period

Enrolling For Short-Term Disability Coverage

Your premiums will be based on your coverage level and Benefit Salary. Since you pay for this coverage with after-tax premiums, you won’t pay taxes on the benefits you receive.  Short-Term disability does not pay while you are using accrued sick leave but will pay while on annual/compensatory leave or while on leave without pay.

Long-Term Disability (LTD) With the Standard

The Flexible Benefits Program’s Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage works with other benefits you are eligible to receive, including Social Security, workers’ compensation, other disability plans and programs, including the State retirement systems. The plan assures that your combined disability benefits from all these sources will equal 60% of your Benefit Salary up to $4,000 a month.

How Long LTD Benefits May Be Payable

These benefits will begin after you have been disabled for 180 calendar days and are reduced by any sick leave you use. LTD benefits end when you are no longer disabled or reach age 65, except benefits for disabilities caused by mental disorders, or other limited conditions, which are limited to two years. If you become disabled after reaching age 60, however, your benefits could continue for a limited period after age 65. Your plan contains incentives and extra benefits to help keep you at work. Accommodations may be available under the plan to adjust your workplace so you can stay at work, or to help you return to work. Vocational rehabilitation and return to work services may be available to help you return to work after a disability.

Enrolling For Long-Term Disability Coverage

Your cost for long-term disability coverage is based on your age, whether you pay into Social Security, Benefit Salary, and whether or not you are eligible for disability coverage through any State of Georgia retirement plan. LTD premiums are paid with after-tax dollars. These benefits are not considered taxable income. If you have any questions about eligibility or how the short-term and long-term disability insurance plans work, call The Standard at 1-888-641-7186.   New Hires that elect LTD during their initial enrollment period are not required to furnish Evidence of Insurability.

Detailed plan information can be found in the Download this pdf file. Enrollment Booklet or at the GaBreeze link on the Team Georgia website.   Pricing per plan and coverage tier varies and is accessible on the Download this pdf file. Flexible Benefit Rate Chart.

Enrollment is made by new hires within 31 days of hire date at GaBreeze Enrollment

Enrollment/Changes due to qualifying life events during Plan Year are made within 31 days of event at GaBreeze.

Current Employees not experiencing a qualifying life changing event must enroll online at GaBreeze during annual enrollment period only for benefits beginning the following Plan Year.

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