Job Vacancy Announcement - 94th Trooper School

January 4, 2013

Georgia State Patrol – Trooper

Be a part of an elite group of men and women who serves, protects, and defends the people of the State of Georgia, while preserving the rights and dignity of all. We’re looking for the best and the brightest, who can handle a never ending variety of situations and people. You will receive the very best technical, physical, and law enforcement training while gaining skills that will put you at the top of your game. We invest thousands of dollars in your training that consistently result in competence, capability, professionalism and confidence building.  As a Georgia State Trooper you will find a challenging career, providing assistance to citizens, insuring traffic safety, and promoting peace and order throughout the state. Come join us and experience the greatest camaraderie and teamwork in a unique environment that delivers law enforcement at the highest possible standard!

The Department of Public Safety is accepting applications for the 94th Trooper School. This school is contingent on approval of anticipated funding. It is anticipated that the 94th Trooper school will begin on July 28, 2013, with all cadets beginning their employment on July 1, 2013. Training time will be tailored to those candidates that are currently POST certified, allowing them to complete GSP training and move to Field Training while the remainder of the non- POST certified candidates complete the remainder of school.  After Field Training, all cadets will graduate together.

The department has immediate staffing needs throughout the state of Georgia.  All assignments will be made based on the operational needs of the department, taking into consideration the current home location of the selected applicants.

 Annual Salary Minimum
$32,418 (until the start of Trooper School)
$34,038 (while in Trooper School)
$35,741 (upon Trooper School graduation)

Duties & Responsibilities: Under close supervision, patrols highways and roads to enforce traffic and criminal laws. Investigates traffic crashes and provides assistance to motorists. Assists other law enforcement agencies in enforcing traffic and criminal laws, and ensuring safety of the general population. Participates in criminal prosecution. DPS offers a number of opportunities for specialized assignments for Troopers throughout their career.

Minimum Training & Experience:  Applicant must be a U.S. citizen, possess a diploma from an accredited high school or G.E.D, and must be 21 years old upon graduation from Trooper School.

Applicants must also successfully pass the pre-employment process which includes the background investigation and polygraph (click here to view the employment disqualifiers), oral interview, physical fitness test, psychological and medical evaluations, and meet other requirements for certification as a peace officer set by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.).

Physical Fitness Standards: The Physical Fitness Program is an evaluation based on the recommendation of the Cooper's Institute in terms of absolute standards (same job = same standard).  These standards are reflective of the minimum fitness level an individual must possess to perform their job regardless of their age or gender.  The following events will comprise the assessment:

Event Minimum Standard
300 Meter Sprint 90 seconds or faster
Bench Press 67% of body weight, 1 repetition using free weights
Push Ups 21 repetitions, no time limit, only hands and feet touch the ground (rest in up position)
Sit Ups 30 repetitions, one minute time limit, hands interlocked behind the head (rest in up position only)

Please note that these are the minimum standards for consideration for employment. The Trooper School cadets will be required to be at a much higher level of fitness which includes long distance running for cardiovascular endurance.  It is highly suggested that applicants implement physical training programs that will prepare them to far exceed the minimum requirements listed above.

Medical Standards: Minimum vision of 20/60 uncorrected in each eye, and corrected to 20/40 or better in both eyes with glasses or contact lenses. Additional medical standards must be met prior to final offer of employment.

Preferred Qualifications: Ninety quarter hours or the semester equivalent from an accredited college or university, (OR) Five years’ experience as a certified law enforcement officer, (OR) Two years of experience as a Police Corporal, GSP Dispatcher or Trooper Cadet in the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

The Department of Public Safety is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

We will begin to process applications immediately. You are strongly encouraged to submit your application  as soon as possible.

Download, complete and mail the State of Georgia application for employment list job code (17706).

Mail to:

Department of Public Safety
Human Resources Division
PO Box 1456
Atlanta, GA 30371
or fax: 404-624-7546

For more information about this job contact:

Human Resources Division
404-624-7553 or


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