Georgia's New Window Tint Law

H.B. 20 (Window Tint) - Amends 40-8-73.1 - Effective May 2, 2005

Revives the window tint statute which was recently found unconstitutional by the Georgia Supreme Court with some minor modifications.

Makes it a misdemeanor to violate specified window-tint restrictions

· Applies to both residents & non-residents.

· No window tinting on front windshield.

· On windows to either side of driver or in back of vehicle, the light transmission restriction may not be less than 32%, plus or minus 3% or increase light reflectance more than 20%.

· Labels indicating that tinted windows meet state specifications are no longer required.


1. Sun visors mounted on front windshields.

2. On front windshields - lower left and right corners in a 5" or 7" square (respectively).

3. On front windshields - Passenger Common Carrier Signs meeting statutory specifications.

4. Upper most 6" on front windshield can have a transparent item which is not red or amber.

5. Any Federal, state or county required stickers may be placed as required

6. Rear windshields & side windows behind the driver of a:

a. Multipurpose passenger vehicle

b. School bus

c. Public transportation bus

d. Non-profit bus

e. Limousines

f. Windows tinted before factory delivery

g. Tinting otherwise expressly permitted by federal law

7. Anywhere on law enforcement vehicle.

The DPS (DMVS until July 1) may issue dark tinting permits to persons with special medical needs requiring tinting. Any GA Installer installing tinting in violation of this section is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Please refer to the bill for exceptions.  (The bill can be viewed by clicking on the following link: