(ATLANTA)--The Georgia State Patrol has completed preparation of its security plans for the upcoming G8 Summit on Sea Island. The meeting of world leaders will be held June 8 - 10.

Colonel George Ellis, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety, said Friday troopers assigned to the security detail have completed specialized training for their various duties during the G8. "Troopers will not only be assisting local law enforcement agencies with security assignments in Savannah and Brunswick, but troopers will also be patrolling the interstates and state highways along the Georgia coast."

Troopers assigned to the G8 Security Detail will assist other state and local agencies with dignitary protection, transportation, fixed security posts, traffic enforcement, and forming the foundation for mobile field forces. "We are well-prepared, well-trained and look forward to playing a significant role in securing this most prestigious event," Colonel Ellis said. "For many of the troopers assigned to the G8, this is the largest security effort of their careers."

While the exact number of troopers and support personnel assigned to the G8 security detail are not being disclosed, Colonel Ellis reassured drivers in parts of Georgia not affected by the G8 that traffic enforcement will continue. "Not everyone in the Georgia State Patrol will be working along the coast during the G8. We have altered work hours and cancelled off days to ensure troopers will be available for traffic crash investigations and traffic enforcement throughout the state," Colonel Ellis said.

The commissioner said recent warnings from federal officials of a possible terrorist strike sometime this summer has put Georgia State Troopers on heightened alert. "During the course of their patrols, troopers will be paying extra close attention to suspicious activity and abandoned vehicles, not only during the G8 detail, but during regular patrols as well."


For All G8 related media inquiries, contact the G8 Safety and Security Joint Information Center (JIC). The telephone number is: 912-267-1730.