Motor Carrier Compliance - Weight Inspector




Looking for a great career? Want to provide a highly valued service to the State of Georgia? Are you a retiree looking for that perfect “second act?” No experience required! Great rewards and benefits! Help protect Georgia’s infrastructure and enforce laws governing commercial vehicles.

Salary minimum - $35,647.00

Job Description:
Engages in weighing, measuring, and inspecting trucks and other heavy equipment to enforce laws governing their weight, dimensions, load security, license plates and registrations.
1. Uses automated scales and measuring devices to determine weight of commercial vehicles and cargo.
2. Calculates weights of those vehicles according to weight law formulas.
3. Determines amounts of penalties for weight violations and issues appropriate citations.
4. Inspects license plates, vehicle identification numbers and registration certificates of vehicles for expiration, improper weight classification and/or inconsistencies.
5. Checks vehicles for compliance with or violation of fuel tax requirements and issues civil citations when violations are detected.
6. Scans vehicles visually for equipment defects.
7. Notifies appropriate law enforcement personnel of any noted suspected violations.
8. Reviews special permits issued for certain oversize/overweight vehicles for compliance with permit provisions.
9. Initiates impound procedures for vehicles with delinquent violations.
10. Maintains records and prepares reports on all vehicles checked, weighed and assessed.
11. Completes required reports for all citations involving permit and licensing violations, impounded vehicles and protested cases.
12. Operates communication and computer equipment.
13. Renders reasonable aid to general public.
14. Reports needed facility/equipment repair to the appropriate supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:
High School graduate or GED equivalent.

Applicants must also successfully pass the pre-employment process which includes the completion of the background/polygraph (click here to view the employment disqualifiers), and oral interview.

Preferred Qualifications:
Candidates should possess intermediate math skills and advanced interpersonal skills.

The Department of Public Safety is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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