Specified Illness Coverage


Employees have the option to enroll in Employee, Spouse and Child Life Specified Illness Coverage with Aflac. 

Employee Specified Illness with Aflac

With the group specified illness plan, our goal is to help you and your family cope with and recover from the financial stress of surviving a critical illness or condition. Lump-sum benefits paid directly to the insured following the diagnosis of each covered specified illness after you are hospital confined for the specified illness and charged for room and board. (See the chart for information on covered specified illnesses.)

  • Rates cannot be individually increased due to change in age, health or individual claim.
  • No medical underwriting required for up to $30,000 in coverage, and simplified medical underwriting process with only a few health questions.
  • The plan is portable - take your coverage with you if you leave your job.
  • Available to employees age 18-69.
  • Benefits for participants reduced 50% at age 70.
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Employee coverage levels:

• $ 5,000 • $ 10,000 • $20,000 • $30,000 • $40,000 • $50,000

Spouse coverage levels:

  • $5,000 benefit
  • $10,000 benefit
  • No medical underwriting required
  • Employee must have coverage for the spouse to have coverage
  • Rates are based on employee age

Child coverage:

  • Children covered at no additional cost
  • All children are covered at 50% of employee benefit amount
  • Children ages 0 – 26, if a dependent
  • Child coverage automatically included in existing employee coverage

Health Screening Benefits

An insured may receive a maximum of $100 for any one covered screening test per calendar year. We will pay this benefit regardless of the results of the test. Payment of this benefit will not reduce the amount payable for the diagnosis of a critical illness. There is no limit to the number of years the insured can receive the health screening benefit; it will be paid as long as the policy remains in force. This benefit is payable for the covered employee and spouse. The covered health screening tests include:

  • Stress test on a bicycle or treadmill
  • Fasting blood glucose test, blood test for triglycerides or serum cholesterol test to determine level of HDL and LDL
  • Bone marrow testing
  • Breast ultrasound
  • CA 15-3 (blood test for breast cancer)
  • CA 125 (blood test for ovarian cancer)
  • CEA (blood test for colon cancer)
  • Chest x-ray
  • Colonoscopy
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • Hemocult stool analysis
  • Mammography
  • Pap smear
  • PSA (blood test for prostate cancer)
  • Serum protein electrophoresis (blood test for myeloma)
  • Thermography

Critical Illness Select Plus Plan

In addition to the Select Plan Benefits, Select Plus includes Accident Benefits for you and your family in the event of an on or off the job accidental injury.

Benefits Include:

  • Medical Fees (Physician Charges, X-Rays, Emergency Room Services and Supplies)
  • Hospital Fees (Hospital Admission, Daily Hospital Confinement and Intensive Care)
  • Accidental Injuries (Fractures/Dislocations, Lacerations, Tendons/Ligaments, Ruptured Disk, Torn Knee Cartilage, Burns, Eye Injuries)
  • Accident Follow-up Benefits (Physical Therapy, In-patient Rehab, Follow-up treatments)
  • Additional Benefits (Family Lodging, Transportation, Gunshot Wound, Paralysis, Prosthesis)

Detailed plan information can be found in the Enrollment Booklet or at the GaBreeze link on the Team Georgia website.   Pricing per plan and coverage tier varies and is accessible on the Flexible Benefit Rate Chart .

Enrollment is made by new hires within 31 days of hire date at GaBreeze Enrollment

Enrollment/Changes due to qualifying life events during Plan Year are made within 31 days of event at GaBreeze.

Current Employees not experiencing a qualifying life changing event must enroll online at GaBreeze during annual enrollment period only for benefits beginning the following Plan Year.

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