Technology Section

The Technology Section provides service and support to all DPS personnel in areas related to information technology and communications.  The section is tasked with the purchase, installation, maintenance and training for computers and software, landline and mobile telephone equipment, and fixed, mobile, and portable radio equipment.  The Technology Staff consists of the Technology Director, Chief Information Officer and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst.  These individuals are responsible for developing policies and procedures related to technology, and implementation plans for new equipment and software programs.  The Technology Staff also produces reports and analysis to assist the Command Staff in making informed decisions. The Computer Services and Communications Services Units report to the Technology Director.

Computer Services

The Computer Services Section is responsible for procuring, installing, and maintaining computer equipment. This equipment ranges from enterprise servers to laptop computers. The section is also tasked with the construction and operation of the computer network that links all of the Department's units together. Computer Services personnel provide end-user support to all members of the Department and coordinate development of custom applications necessary to the operation of the Department.  The Telecommunications Coordinator assigned to Computer Services is responsible for the installation and maintenance of landline telephone equipment and services in all departmental facilities.

Communications Services

The Communications Services Section is responsible for procuring, installing, and maintaining radio communications and related equipment. This equipment ranges from mobile and portable two-way radios to station transmitters and mobile communications platforms. The section is also tasked with the administration of the Georgia Interoperability Network (GIN) that promotes interoperable communications capabilities between federal, state, and local first responders throughout Georgia. Communications Services personnel also provide support to communications personnel at the various Communications Centers across the state.