Uniform and Appearance Policy Guidelines

Personal Grooming

  • Personnel shall bathe regularly and shall not appear for duty in an unclean condition.  All employees shall practice personal hygiene so that their bodies do not present an offensive odor or appearance.
  • Members shall be conservative in the use of cologne, perfumes, grooming aids, etc.

Appearance - Hair

  • All members shall wear clean hair that presents a neat appearance. 

Male Guidelines

  • The hair on top of the head shall be neatly groomed; when combed, it shall not fall over the ears or eyebrows. It shall remain above the collar.
  • Hair on the sides and back of the head shall present a tapered appearance and shall not touch the collar except for the closely cut hair at the back of the neck.
  • Sideburns, if worn, shall be neatly trimmed with the base clean-shaven in a horizontal line not extending below the middle of the ear.

Female Guidelines

  • Short hair may be combed over the ears; length can be no longer than the bottom of the ears on the side and top of the shirt collar at the back of the neck.
  • Long hair shall be worn up and be neatly and securely pinned (i.e. French braid, bun, twist, etc.)
  • Ponytails or other hairstyles that allow the hair to hang free are not authorized.
  • Female members shall notify their immediate supervisor in writing of an intention to adopt a longer hairstyle. Members shall be given a reasonable period of time for transition to a longer hairstyle not to exceed 180 calendar days. It is not the intent of this policy to allow these members to wear a hairstyle, which is mid-length for an extended period of time.  The transition phase may only occur once during each four-year period.
    • All members hair shall be of a natural color (i.e. blond, black, brown, red or grey) and not such that would diminish the professional uniform appearance.  Fluorescent or similar dyed hair colors are prohibited.  Non-visible substances are permitted.
    • Wigs/hair pieces may be worn when the wig and natural hair meet the standards outlined in this policy.
    • Hair shall not show on the forehead under the front brim of the uniform hat.   Hairstyles, bulk or length of hair shall not interfere with the proper wearing of the uniform headgear.
    • Members shall not have facial hair.

Facial makeup

  • If worn, cosmetics shall be conservative and professional in appearance, understated rather than overwhelming in application and shall blend in with the natural color of the skin.
  • Facial makeup products, which substantially alter the natural skin tone, are prohibited.
  • Artificial eyelashes are prohibited, unless for medical purposes.

Body Art, Tattoos, Brands, Images and Expressions

  1. The display of any unprofessional or offensive image, phrase or other expression, or excessive tattoos shall not be tolerated. This includes anything that may become visible during member’s work activities, and/or is found on any clothing item or accessory worn by the member at any time. 
  2. “Unprofessional or offensive” shall include but not be limited to:
    • Depictions of nudity, violence or criminal activity;
    • Sexually explicit/vulgar art, words, profane language;
    • Symbols likely to incite a strong negative reaction in any group, i.e., swastikas, etc., and
    • Initials, symbolism or acronyms that represent criminal or historically oppressive organizations or activities, e.g., AB, KKK, SS, street gang names, numbers, and/or symbols.
  3. Body piercing, which is visible anytime while on duty and/or in uniform, is prohibited.
  4. Body art, tattoos, brands or images that are visible while on duty or in uniform are prohibited


  1. Fingernail polish, if worn, shall be clear.
  2. Fingernails shall be clean and shall not exceed 1/8 inch beyond the nail bed.


  1. One watch, design and band shall be of a professional design.
  2. Only necessary medical bracelets or pendants shall be worn. 
  3. Rings shall not exceed one per hand.  A wedding set is considered one ring. 
  4. Rings shall not be worn on the trigger finger.
  5. One necklace may be worn but shall not be visible outside the uniform.


  1. Male - No earrings shall be worn while on duty in uniform.
  2. Female - Studs/gold, white gold, silver, pearl or diamond (1/8 inch maximum). One per ear. Matching pair. On the ear lobe.


  • If eyeglasses are worn they shall be maintained in good condition and shall be conventional and professional in nature.
  • Members may only wear eyeglasses and sunglasses with gold, silver, black, brown, or gray colored frames.  The eyewear shall be of professional type.  No faddish, multi-colored, or mirrored eyewear shall be worn.
  • Contact lenses of an unnatural color are prohibited.

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