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Important Updates Regarding COVID-19/Executive Order

The statewide executive order for empowering a healthy Georgia will extend through November 30. This order affects all Georgia residents and visitors. Review the following: COVID-19 Updates



Support/Administraive Operations

Lt. Col. Stallings

Lt. Colonel Stephanie L. Stallings

Director of Support/Administrative Operations

Lt. Colonel Stephanie L. Stallings serves as the Director of Support/Administrative Operations to include the Capitol Police Division, Dignitary Protection Unit, the Special Services Mansion Security, Regional K-9 Task Force, Honor Guard, Governor’s Task Force, and the Agency’s Support Detachments; the Headquarters Adjutant which includes Fleet Services, Supply, Facilities and Communications, the Technology Division, the Comptroller’s Office, Budget Office, Purchasing, and Accounting; the Training Division; the Office of Public Safety Support; and the Public Information Office.

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