Support/Administrative Operations

Lt. Colonel Stallings

Lt. Colonel Stephanie L. Stallings

Director of Support/Administrative Operations

Lt. Colonel Stephanie L. Stallings serves as the Director of Support/Administrative Operations she oversees the Headquarters Adjutant, the Support Operations Adjutant, the Capitol Police Adjutant, the Training Division, the Office of Public Safety Support, and the Public Information Office.

Major Perry

Major Mark S. Perry

Headquarters Adjutant

Major Mark Perry serves as the Headquarters Adjutant of the Department of Public Safety and oversees the Administrative Services Division, which includes Fleet Services, Technology Division, Facilities Management, Supply, Communications, and Headquarters Security.

Major Whitworth

Major Al Whitworth

Special Operations Adjutant

Major Al Whitworth serves as the Special Operations Adjutant and is responsible for the Dignitary Protection Unit, Special Services Section, Regional K-9 Task Force, Governor's Task Force, the Department of Public Safety Honor Guard, and the Agency’s support detachments.

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