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Physical Training Test

The Physical Training Test is an evaluation based on the recommendation of the Cooper's Institute in terms of absolute standards (same job = same standard).  These standards are reflective of the minimum fitness level an individual must possess to perform their job regardless of their age or gender. 

Police Benevolent Association (PBA)


Southern States
Police Benevolent Association
Georgia State Division
Georgia Trooper Chapter
Georgia State Law Enforcement (SLEO) Chapter

Polygraph and Background Information


  • All Applicants Must Submit To A Polygraph Examination.
  • The Examination Will Be At Headquarters or Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) in Atlanta.
  • A normal nights sleep is required before the polygraph. Do not work the night prior to the polygraph examination.


Short and Long Term Disability

Employees have option to enroll in Short and/or Long Term Disability  coverage on themselves only through The Standard.

Short-Term Disability (STD) With The Standard

Sick Leave

Sick Leave provides you with income protection during times of illness or for routine doctor’s appointments. You can request your sick leave for...

• Personal illness or disability

• Absence needed because of exposure to contagious disease when exposure endangers the health     of others

• Dental or medical care

• Absence due to dental or medical care, illness, accident, or death in your immediate family which requires your presence