Motor Carrier Compliance Division

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Motor Carrier Compliance

The Motor Carrier Compliance Division is divided into 22 weigh stations within nine geographic regions and two specialized units. One Specialized Unit, operating within Region 3, is the HOV/HOT Enforcement Unit. This unit is located in the Metro Atlanta Area at 320 Chester Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia. The other specialized unit is the Safety Compliance Unit which consists of the New Entrant Safety Audit, Compliance Review, and School Bus Safety identified as Region 10. Region 10’s office is located in Madison, Georgia. The administrative staff for MCCD is located at the Headquarters for the Department of Public Safety in Atlanta.  As of December 31, MCCD had 242 officers and 40 weight inspectors.

The primary focus of Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) is the enhancement of highway safety in regards to commercial motor vehicles. MCCD officers perform in-depth complex safety inspections of the commercial vehicle, its operator, and the load to ensure that they pose no identifiable risk to the safety of the motoring public.