Troopers Are Reminding Motorists to be Safe during Spring Break Travel

March 14, 2018

It’s spring time again, and many school systems in the southeast will be closed for spring break over the next couple of weeks.  This means an increase in motor vehicle travel across Georgia.  “Mid-March to early April is traditionally the time that many people take their first vacation trip of the year, so now is the time for everyone to make travel safety a priority,” said Colonel Mark W. McDonough, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Motorists should plan their trips carefully.  Make sure that everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt and that small children are properly restrained in a child safety seat. Do not text and drive, obey the posted speed limit, and do not drive impaired.  If you know that you will be consuming alcohol, designate a sober driver. “Driving impaired is unacceptable and planning ahead can prevent alcohol related deaths,” Colonel McDonough said.

Warmer temperatures and spring break travelers lead to an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads.  Be patient while behind the wheel and be courteous to other motorists. Drivers should also avoid long periods of driving without a break. “Plan and make frequent rest stops to avoid becoming drowsy behind the wheel,” the commissioner said. In addition, make sure your vehicle is in proper running condition before you embark on your spring break trip.


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