(Atlanta, GA) - From February 3, to May 25, the Motor Carrier Compliance Training Division provided an eight-hour refresher course on Standardized Field Sobriety in each of the nine regions for MCCD officers, troopers, and other assisting agencies.  On the following day, MCCD held safety checks focusing on impaired drivers at its nine weigh stations and local bypass routes.

This detail was led by MCCD Training Captain Andrew Montgomery, Sgt. Shannon Griffin, Sgt. Richard DiPaolo, and MCO Chance Howell.  During the detail, Drug Recognition Experts (DREs) from 23 state and local agencies were on hand to assist officers and troopers in recognizing different types of drug and alcohol impairment clues. The detail was extremely successful with the arrests of drivers of commercial motor vehicles and passenger cars for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers also recovered a child that was the victim of sex trafficking.

During this four-month period, a total of 285 commercial motor vehicles were inspected.  As a result of these inspections, 18 vehicles and 99 drivers were placed out of service; 52 drivers were arrested for possession of illegal drugs; seven drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, and 32 were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

"I would like to remind all commercial vehicle operators to remain professional and not choose to drive a commercial motor vehicle while impaired," said Major Jeremy Vickery, Commanding Officer of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division.

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