(ATLANTA, GA) – At the direction of Governor Brian Kemp, the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) continues to partner with local agencies around Georgia to help curtail violent crimes through crime suppression details.  These details have taken place regularly in the city of Atlanta and most recently in the cities of Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Warner Robins and involve the GSP Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) along with local Troopers.  GSP is committed to focusing on areas plagued by violent crimes and criminal street racing.

GSP works diligently with local law enforcement to gather crime data and formulate the best approach to enforcement activity in areas where violent crimes occur the most.  In this truest form of teamwork, GSP works closely with these local agencies to ensure the enforcement plan is successful.  This is often accomplished by members from the local agencies riding with the Troopers, forming a blended agency two-man unit, with the common goal of reducing criminal activity.

Crime Suppression details have proven to be productive, with many criminals and weapons being removed from the streets. These details have resulted in 779 wanted persons and 31 murder suspects being captured, 473 stolen vehicles being recovered, and 1,064 arrests for those driving under the influence.

Enforcement totals for the combined statewide details are as follows:

Vehicle Stops – 40,980
DUI's – 1,064
Reckless Driving – 643
Citations – 27,670
Warnings – 32,280
Pursuits – 864
Wanted Persons – 779
Stolen Guns – 172
Recovered Guns – 351
Custodial Arrests – 1,403
Drug Arrests – 342
Impounded Vehicles – 2,153
Stolen Vehicles – 473
Out of State Arrests – 67
Murder Suspects – 31

Recovered Stolen Vehicle Value: $10,324,600.00


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