1033 Excess Property Program - Overview

Under Section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 1997, the Secretary of Defense may transfer to State and Local Agencies property determined suitable for law enforcement activities from the Department of Defense (DoD). The Georgia 1033 Program enables Georgia Law Enforcement agencies to participate in this program and acquire DoD excess equipment to support law enforcement activities under the Federal Guidelines 10.U.S.C. 2576a.



•           Add Inventory

•           FFP Certification

•           Change of Status

•           Inventory Worksheets

•           Modify

•           Query Property

•           Receipts

•           Queries and Reports - Reports

FEPMIS accounts must be active if you have property.  You must log-in at least once a week, if not your account will get lock after 60 days.


Annual certifications are due every year between October 1 through October 31. You must go to the Certification que and certify all property in the que.


Receipt all property issued, in FEPMIS, with 24hours of receipt of the property to include photos. If property is not receipted, LEA will be suspended until all property has been receipted.

Change of Status

Turn-in Property of property, adjustment due to loss, theft, destruction, to document a past turn-in, or to document a zero-receipt or partial-receipt of property.

Requests for turn-in:

  • Once a COS request has been processed by the LESO, the turn-in document (s) (DD Form 1348-1A) will be good for 30-days.  Upon the actual turn-in of property, it is imperative that the LEA receive a signed copy and return to the LESO, which will ensure that the item (s) is properly removed from the LEA inventory. 
  • In the event that the turn-in document exceeds 30-days, the property will be put back onto the LEA inventory.
  • Please remember to identify in the comments section, what DLA Disposition Services site is requested for turn-in.

Requests for property adjustments:

  • The LESO will not approve a COS request for inventory adjustment until the appropriate supporting documentation is received, ie. DD Form 200, Signed turn-in document, etc.



Transfers of property are done within FEPMIS by utilizing the “Modify” que.

In order for a transfer to occur, the agency releasing the property must initiate a “Modify” transaction in FEPMIS, and the receiving agency must accept that property within their “Modify” que.  Until the receiving agency accepts the property within their “Modify” que, the property will remain on the releasing agencies inventory within the FEPMIS.

Add Inventory – You add property to your property book, which is not showing up.

Query Property - List of Property, look and read

Queries and Reports – Reports - You can down load and print reports