In 1996, GEMA Excess Property established the 1122 Procurement Program to assist state and local law enforcement agencies in their counter-drug, anti-drug and drug interdiction campaigns by allowing them to purchase items from the federal government at substantial savings.

This program, authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act of 1994, is not a replacement for the 1033 Excess Property Program but an additional tool to enable law enforcement agencies to wage war on drugs in their communities by purchasing equipment on the federal government‘s contract list through the GEMA Excess Property Office.

Since beginning operation in 1996, there have been over $23,125,406 purchases made under the 1122 Procurement Program. The program has enabled law enforcement agencies to save from 20% to 90% over retail costs on equipment ranging from computers to gas masks, vehicles, body armor, film, helicopter parts, aircraft fuel, and SWAT gear.