FAQs: Cadet (MCCD)

  • Do I have to be a Georgia resident to apply?


  • Do I need to submit a resume?

    No, a resume is not required.

  • Is there an age limit to apply?

    Applicants must be 20 years of age to apply.

  • What documents do I need to apply?

    Applicants submit an application on Team Georgia Careers when positions are posted.

  • Will I be disqualified during the hiring process for certain things?

    You may apply and go through the process but each individual applicant will be screened and there is no way to tell until a thorough background check is completed.  Remember credit, character, past employment, driving history, and prior drug use are many things that we consider during the hiring process.  Click here to view the employment disqualifiers.

    If you have concerns about any of these you should clear them up before applying.


  • How long is the hiring process?

    It usually takes 4-6 months (but may vary) to go through the hiring process including background and interviews.

  • How many trips will I have to make to Georgia if I live out of state?

    We try to minimize the number of trips and incorporate them if we can.

  • Is there any incentive pay offered for prior law enforcement experience or prior military?

    Yes, if you are POST certified from the State of Georgia and have at least two years of on the road Law Enforcement experience.

  • Does the state pay for my relocation expenses?


  • Will I get a raise every year?

    There are no step raises or annual increases for experience, however all state employees often receive performance increases as determined by the Legislature.  Last year this increase was 3%.

  • What shifts will I be required to work?

    Region Commanders for each inspection station determines the schedule.  Most regions rotate shifts weekly.

  • Where will my first assignment be?

    You may choose any inspection station location statewide.

  • Do you offer incentive pay for education?

    There is legislation that provides for education incentive pay, however at present it is not funded.

  • Are my service weapons provided?

    Yes.  All equipment is provided by the department.

  • Do I receive an allowance for laundering my uniforms?


  • How soon can I compete for promotion?

    Once you have attained the rank of Motor Carrier Compliance Officer 3, you may compete for promotion.

  • Can I earn overtime?

    Not on a regular basis.  However, overtime can be worked during some unusual occurrence incidents.

  • What ongoing training is provided once I become a MCCD officer?

    20 hours of annual in-service training is required by POST.  We usually exceed that requirement.  In addition, completion of certification programs provided by the department will enable a Motor Carrier Compliance Officer to move through the career path (Compliance Officer 1, Compliance Officer 2, Compliance Officer 3 and the supervisory ranks).

  • Do MCCD Officers pay into social security?


  • Can I be a member of the Peace Officers Annuity and Benefit Fund?

    Yes.  You can contribute and receive all benefits offered by the POAB.

  • Is off duty employment authorized?

    The department has an off duty employment policy.  Certain employment that does not provide a conflict of interest (e.g. sporting events, traffic control) may be authorized.

  • What is the tattoo and facial hair policy?

    You cannot have visible tattoos while in the short sleeve uniform.  That includes the front and back of arms and includes the neck and facial area.  No facial hair is permitted.

  • What is the starting salary for a MCCD Officer Cadet?

    The annual salary is $40,080.  Upon completion of basic mandate, cadets are promoted to Motor Carrier Compliance Officer 1 at $50,900 annually.

  • What are the physical fitness recommendations?

    Prior to Day 1,Cadets are strongly urged to be able to achieve these benchmarks:

    • Sit Ups -  (#) 30 in one minute, fingers cupped behind ears, rest in up position only 
    • Push Ups -  (#) 21 in one minute, only hands and feet touch the ground, rest in up position  
    • Run – 1.5 miles within 15 minutes and 34 seconds

    Be prepared for strict discipline and accountability, strenuous physical activity, and high mental stress.