GTF Overview

Domestic Marijuana Intelligence Overview

The Governor's Task Force/Drug Suppression (GTF) is assigned to the Office of the Deputy
Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and supervised by a task force
commander from the Georgia State Patrol. GTF is comprised of six state agencies and two
federal agencies. Each agency provides resources specific to their enforcement mission (i.e.
aircraft, intelligence, logistical and administrative support, equipment, and personnel trained
and experienced in operating in a variety of environments found within the state). The task
force is funded by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Domestic Cannabis

Eradication/Suppression Program (DCE/SP). These federal funds are asset forfeiture funds
and are administered by the Georgia Department of Public Safety. The primary role of the
task force is to eradicate domestic marijuana within the State of Georgia and to gather
intelligence relating to its manufacture and cultivation. Agencies comprising the task Force
are: The Georgia State Patrol, Motor Carrier Compliance, Department of Natural Resources Law
Enforcement Division, Department of Corrections - Probation Division, State Board of
Pardons and Paroles, Georgia Army National Guard Counter Drug, Drug Enforcement
Administration, and the Civil Air Patrol.