Overweight Citations

Overweight Citations Unit
P.O. BOX 1456
Atlanta, Ga. 30371
Phone: 1-888-409-2001 Fax: 404-624-7296

The Overweight Citations Unit is responsible for collecting and processing monetary fines imposed on trucks for being overweight when issued a citation on a Georgia highway by the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I pay my citation online?
A. No, we do not have an online process at this time.

Q. Who is responsible for the citation?
A. The legal owner of the vehicle or operator.

Q. Will this affect my CSA, DAR or my driver license?
A. No, not in Georgia.

Q. Is there a fee to pay by credit card?
A. The fee is $3.00 or 3%, whichever is greater.

Q. When is a citation due?
A. 30 days from the date received.

Q. Can I get an extension on due date?
A. No, we do not give extensions.

Q. What happens if a citation is not paid on time?
A. We put the company in impound status.

Q. After I pay my citation can I get a receipt?
A. Yes, we can email, fax or mail the receipt.