Public Information Office

Media Relations

The Public Information Office (PIO) serves as the liaison for the Department of Public Safety to the news media and the citizens of Georgia. The Headquarters PIO staff plans and produces Department news conferences, media advisories and news releases.

Crash Photo Repository

This unit provides filing, storage and retrieval of crash photos, videotapes and documents from all GSP field operations. PIO staff is cross-trained to assist with documents tasks and staff members are designated as Custodians of Records for the Department of Public Safety by the Commissioner.

Graphics Unit

This unit provides development and copying of Department evidence photos, video and audiotapes. The Graphics unit also provides special projects support to the PIO Publications and GSP Recruitment Units.  PIO also has professional video camera equipment for covering Department functions/events, high-resolution digital camera equipment for brochure and web page development and new graphic printers for better in-house publications.

Publications Unit

PIO Publications is responsible for production of the quarterly DPS newsletter, the DPS Annual Report and content for the department's website.