Colonel Wright

Colonel Chris Wright serves as the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety.

Major Hitchens

Lt. Colonel William W. Hitchens, III

Deputy Commissioner, Director of Field Operations

Lt. Colonel William W. Hitchens, III is the Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Public Safety and serves as the Director of Field Operations responsible for the Georgia State Patrol, Motor Carrier Compliance Division, Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT), Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team (SCRT), Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU), Aviation Division, Recruiting/Off-Duty Employment, and Implied Consent. 

Lt. Colonel Stallings

Lt. Colonel Stephanie L. Stallings

Director of Support/Administrative Operations

Lt. Colonel Stephanie L. Stallings serves as the Director of Support/Administrative Operations to include the Capitol Police Division, Dignitary Protection Unit, the Special Services Mansion Security, Regional K-9 Task Force, Honor Guard, Governor’s Task Force, and the Agency’s Support Detachments; the Headquarters Adjutant which includes Fleet Services, Supply, Facilities and Communications, the Technology Division, the Comptroller’s Office, Budget Office, Purchasing, and Accounting; the Training Division; the Office of Public Safety Support; and the Public Information Office.

Major Lamb

Major Joshua Lamb

Chief of Staff, Department of Public Safety

Major Joshua Lamb serves as the Chief of Staff for the Commissioner's Office of the Department of Public Safety.  He oversees the Office of Professional Standards, the Human Resources Division, the Planning and Research Unit, and Legislative Affairs Office.

Major Lowe

Major Kendrick Lowe

North Division Adjutant, Georgia State Patrol

Major Lowe is responsible for the Northern half of the State of Georgia.  He oversees the operations of Troops A, B, C, D and E, which consists of 30 Patrol Posts, two Night Hawk DUI Task Forces, GSP Motor Unit, the Criminal Interdiction Unit, the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Teams, and five Troop Communication Centers. 

Major Balkcom

Major Robert Balkcom

South Division Adjutant, Georgia State Patrol

Major Robert Balkcom is the South Adjutant of the Georgia State Patrol responsible for the operations of Troops F, G, H, and I, the Recruiting Unit, the Implied Consent Unit, and the State of Georgia SWAT Team.

Major Perry

Major Mark S. Perry

Headquarters Adjutant

Major Mark Perry serves as the Headquarters Adjutant of the Department of Public Safety and is responsible for the Comptroller’s Office, Fleet Services, Technology Division, Facilities Management, Supply, Communications, and Headquarters Security.

Major Whitworth

Major Al Whitworth

Special Operations Adjutant

Major Al Whitworth serves as the Special Operations Adjutant and is responsible for the Training, Dignitary Protection Unit, Special Services Mansion Security Unit, Regional K-9 Task Force, Governor's Task Force, the Department of Public Safety Honor Guard, and the Agency’s Support detachments.

Major King

Major Thornell L. King

Director of Capitol Police and GSP Post 50 Capitol Hill

Major Thornell “T.K.” King serves as the Director of the Capitol Police Division in Atlanta, which includes Capitol Police Services, Capitol Square Security and Georgia State Patrol Post 50 Capitol Hill.

Major Vickery

Major Jeremy Vickery

Commanding Officer, Motor Carrier Compliance Division

Major Jeremy Vickery is the commanding officer of the Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD).